I normally wouldn’t do this, but I am going to anyway… read the following:

Deluxe:  “Best in Wilmington!”, “Most Romantic”, “Best waitstaff”, etc.

Go to their website and you can read more of their “reviews” and rewards that they have received.

Honestly, I do not know how they have received these different rewards.  They did have an excellent waitstaff I will give them that, but the rest seem a little bias.  The food here is very good, however, it is not as good as is raved about.  For a dinner for two I walked out spending over $90.  One glass of wine each and split entree.  I was completely prepared to spend that much, but I thought that the food should match or exceed the dollar amount in value.  My date and I had some Calamari as an appetizer.  The Calamari was very good.  Lightly battered and fried the chewiness had a very good compliment of crunchiness.  Plus the Chef’s sauce that came with the Calamari was very sweet and tasty.

Then to our entrees: Soft shell crab.  Very good, not exceptional.  The food was tasty, but it was prepared as I would expect it be prepared.  I do not mean to sound snubby, I just feel like if I am going to spend a high dollar amount on a meal and it has been considered “best in wilmington” the food needs to be exceptionally delicious.  It should be so good that I do not pay as much attention to the dollar amount I just spent, while I am leaving my check.  I could be wrong, but I thought that was the goal fine dining restaurants strive for.

Wine was good, but wine is wine.

Overall, I would say that if this place lowered its dollar amount, they would have a lot more cliental.  It is nice, but even the artwork is not very fitting. The atmosphere reminds me of some nicer cafes that I would frequently visit in Chicago, but not “best in Wilmington”.


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